Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walk The Walk: Clark’s Wave Cruise Walking Shoe

Not long ago my great bloggy friend, Amy Hatch of Chambanamoms.com contacted me to ask whether I would be willing to do a few reviews for a sponsor, PlanetShoes.com. The deal was this: they would choose the shoes and I would put them through their paces and write about it. Here’s the latest review in the series, and it’s a keeper.

About a month ago, my second little box from Planet Shoes arrived in the mail. To my surprise, it contained another pair of MaryJanes -- Clark’s Wave Cruise walking shoes. From the first, I loved these shoes.

The Clark’s Wave Cruise really is just my style. They have a great look. When I slipped them on they felt soft and bouncy. I noticed that their soles are slightly curved, just like your foot would be in mid-step, so the leather upper doesn’t get that crease after you’ve walked in them for a while. It's like they're made to move, not just sit on a shelf somewhere. The construction is mesh and leather, so I can wear them without socks even on hot summer days.

And trust me, I’ve walked miles in mine since I got them.

In fact, I like this shoe so much it became my go-to shoe for work. The first week I wore them to school, my fellow teachers remarked on how nice they looked and my students loved the cool pewter color (which, I have to say, was an easy match for *everything* in my wardrobe.) Even after a month of wear, these shoes look and feel terrific. They have retained that “new shoe bounce” that keeps my legs and feet energized, even on days when I feel like I’ve been running my legs off.

Without reservation, I highly recommend these shoes. They are super-comfortable and look terrific. If there is one down-side, it’s that they are a bit on the pricey side. But, for me, their style, comfort, and durability make them a ‘best buy’ for Moms.

Disclosure: I received the Clark’s Wave walking shoe for free from chambanamoms.com sponsor PlanetShoes.com, as part of a special promotion.