Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Overwhelmed By The Schedule

Do you ever have those times when you feel like "the schedule" is in charge of you instead of the other way around? Lately, I have been going crazy with work. There are fall chores to get done in the house and garden, school activities to coordinate, volunteer commitments to keep, soccer practices, dance classes, religion classes, and tomorrow is my daughter's third birthday.

I need a vacation.

I find myself daydreaming about sleeping late or playing hookie from activities. I mean, why can't I just be the irresponsible one for a change? But then a friend in crisis calls me, and on top of everything else I am doing, I have to run to the rescue. At 10 p.m. some days, I am still folding laundry.

(Did I mention that I need a vacation?)

What about a facial? Or a weekend away, just by myself? Could that be possible? What about a solo shopping trip? (and no, I don't mean shopping for groceries!)

So, short of drinking myself into oblivion or running away, what are my options? When will the weight of "the schedule" be off my shoulders? (I'm sure those of you with older children are chuckling and saying, "umm, not for a long long time.")

Maybe I'm just missing the carefree simplicity of Summer. I love the natural feel of our summer schedule, and it always seemed like we fit a lot into each summer day. The difference is that I was the one deciding, along with my children, what kind of fun we would have together. Now that everything is school and activities, other people get to tell me when to be where and how long to stay. I hate that.

Maybe I just need an attitude adjustment. I need to get in the fall mindset. So, what do I love about fall?

  • I love the cool feel that clean sheets have when you get into bed. I even like the winter feeling of cold, where you need a couple minutes for the bed to "warm up".
  • I love the bright blue of the sky, especially when the sugar maples across the street are in full color -- yellows, oranges, reds.
  • I love the smell of fallen leaves and even the little brown roly-poly bugs that live in them if you let them lay on the lawn for too long.
  • I love fall foods -- soups and stews and pumpkin pie. The best comfort food in the world is cooked in our house during this season. Apples and cider are favorites. And hot potato soup. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water.
  • My hair finally looks good in the fall. I have such humidity hair, but this time of year, it gets smooth and shiny -- like a Pantene commercial. I love it.

Well, that does it. I guess the power of positive mental attitude is proven again. I actually do feel a little bit better.

And maybe I'll take the whole day tomorrow to just spend with my daughter. No chores or work or distractions -- just us.

Yep. That'll do the trick.

- Midwest Mom


  1. I'm with ya. I totally need a vacation. The schedule is overwhelming even though if I stop to think about it, I'm the one driving the schedule. Maybe I should just stop.

  2. Fall is without a doubt my favorite season, thank you for your list, I totally agree with the part about the hair too.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  3. What's wrong with drinking yourself into oblivian or running away? You gotta be positive about something.

  4. And pumpkin everything...I love the pumpkin smells. Pies, bread, muffins, rolls...(drooling here).

  5. Well said. You stir ancient for me. Thanks, I needed that. :)

  6. Thanks, everyone. I took a whole day with my daughter, and it was wonderful.

    Now, with a deep breath, I'm ready to plunge into Fall.

    Whose coming?



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