Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time to Give Thanks

My mother always said, "Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today."

It was never more true than it is right now.

Since this is Thanksgiving week, I thought I would start off by giving thanks for the fantastic friends I have made during my time at Midwest Moms. Some of these 'thank-yous' are quite belated. But belated thanks can still be heartfelt.

Tricia at Papercages gave me a lovely award in -gasp- October, and I still have not acknowledged it.

Shame on me.

Papercages is a witty blog written by a wonderful woman who, while plagued by fits of firework paranoia and bouts of falling down, manages to keep her readers entertained and laughing about even the tough side of living. It is a great read.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to Tricia for thinking of me and recognizing my writing on your blog. I truly appreciate it and apologize for the delay.


In keeping with my title, I would like to acknowledge other fantastic bloggers who have given awards to Midwest Moms.

Many thanks go out to Elaine Fontana at My Life as a Stay-At-Home-Mother. She does a wonderful job blogging about issues and events that are important to her and her family. I am very grateful for her friendship and readership. She writes from Iowa, our neighbor to the west and fellow corn-growing state. So, you understand, I feel a certain kinship with Elaine. We midwesterners have to stick together! Especially when we're moms!

Thanks also to Court at Kaiya's Laughter Heals for the Proximidad Award. It is good to have close friendships with other parents who are doing their best to raise their children. It is also a tremendous blessing to share the joy of our kids and their silly stories, too. Thank you for recognizing that closeness. And best of luck with your blog!

And heartfelt good wishes and gratitude also go out to Me-Me King at The Screaming Me-Me.

The "Lemons into Lemonade" Award makes me laugh. I think you have my sense of humor pegged. Thank you very much for the acknowledgment. (And be sure to duck those bullets in the Arizona desert, won't you?)


I am very grateful for all my readers. There are times I can't believe what an amazing group of smart, thoughtful people Midwest Moms has brought into my world. I am honored to be among such wonderful writers and faithful readers. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

- Midwest Mom

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on all the awards. You know how to do it up right. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words and the links. ~ tricia


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