Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did YOU Make The List?

I am the keeper of The List.

Not the Bucket List or the Naughty/Nice list (although I admit I’m a helper on that one)…

The Christmas Card list.

Today, as I do every year, I sat down with it to try to “whittle” it down.

First, I searched my memory for all the vital family members we must send cards to.

Next, I listed our local friends and neighbors.

Then, I listed childhood friends, college friends, and the families of our children’s best friends, friends of our parents, church friends, school friends, teachers, the mail carrier, the kids’ bus driver, my husband’s work associates, my husband’s work friends (not the same thing!), my girlfriends (although, let’s be honest… I listed them in the ‘family’ column because they are like family to me!)

And the final tally is…


My list grew by seventeen.

I guess I am finding it impossible to channel my inner Heidi Klum...
You are out! Aufwiedersehen!

That’s okay… somehow, I have the feeling my Naughty/Nice list will go the same way.

- Midwest Mom


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I would like to whittle down our list but I don't see it happening. So 70+ cards it is. At least this year I'm not handmaking my cards so that's something.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone. :}

    I always thought I was a hopeless dinosaur because I don't believe in sending computer-printed "christmas letters"... it's handwritten, or it's not worth it! (We do send a collage of the kids' photos, though!)

    But, handmade cards? Are you kidding? Maybe if I had a basement full of Christmas elves, I could pull that off... but otherwise, it's not happening.

    :) -MM

  3. Ah, the card. It's such a trial. Mr. D and I are from different states, different colleges, different everything. Our card list is obnoxious.

    I wish I were also brave enough to blow it off.

  4. Goodness. *sigh*. I guess I better get started on my list!

  5. And don't forget the peditrician office! Although.. I'm not sure the cute smiling cards make up for his rotten behavior year round at the office visits..

  6. Funny, I'm trying to channel my inner Heidi Klum as well this year! As with you more recent posting, simplifying can be a great way to beat the stress, but it's hard doing it,isn't it?

  7. Thank you all for visiting (and for your sympathy!)

    The cards are done (with the exception of about 3 address updates I'm waiting on...) What a relief!

    This weekend, we had baking time at Grandma's and delivered plates of goodies to all the neighbors.

    Now comes the waiting game... Waiting for the mail to see how many people I completely forgot to send cards to, but who sent me the complete blow-by-blow description of their fantastic lives. :)

    You never know when you're truly done with Christmas cards, do you?

    Have a great week, everyone! -MM


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