Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tough Holidays for Loved Ones: How to Help

I posted an article at Blogher today about helping friends when the Holiday season is less-than-joyous.

There are difficult times in all our lives, and often illness, hurt, or loss can change the way that friends or family members approach this time of year. This week, I talked to friends and family members for whom December is a particularly difficult month. They shared insights into simple things friends can do to make the holidays more peaceful and loving.

I did my best to pass them along.

If you are having a tough Holiday Season, I wish you peace and comfort. To the extent that healing is possible, I wish you that as well. And I hope the New Year brings unexpected joys for you and your family.

- Midwest Mom


  1. Thanks for the prayers. This is the first Christmas that my famiy will not be together because of divorce and it is no fun.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Why would the complimentary clothes pins be used for?

  2. Thorn,

    I'm sorry to hear that. If positive thoughts help, I'm happy to send them your way.

    And about the clothes pins: With all those unshod feet around, it might get a little stinky. Phew! (psst! they're for your nose!)


  3. I will go over and read your article! Have a good week - Kellan

  4. And you know, I'm so blessed & lucky, I should do more for those who aren't. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Hi
    First time on your blog. Nice thoughts. sometimes I feel,i do no value the loved ones I have as much as I should.

  6. You always have such great ideas, reminders, and tips. That's why I nominated you for a bloggy award. Please stop by and accept it.


  7. Chuck, I'm so glad you came by. Hope you're enjoying that new little one.

    Kellan, Thanks, honey. Your blog is one of the reasons I've been going to BlogHer to begin with! :)

    Green Girl, Mr. T is in my prayers all this month, you know. You are doing plenty. Trust me.

    Jaanvi, I'm so glad you came by. I went over to your blog, too, and loved reading your insights into new motherhood. Hope you come back again soon.

    Abby, Thanks for the award! It's so sweet of you. I'll be sure to pass it along.

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. All the best, MM


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