Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Springtime at Midwest Moms

As you can tell from Midwest Moms' new design, we are ready for Spring to arrive. It may be bitter outside, but here it's always sunny and warm. I like it that way.

Thanks go out to Kim Maki at Retro:Kimmer for her help with the new design. Kim is a web developer and promoter, and I think she's done a wonderful job helping me to remake Midwest Moms. She is a smart lady and was a huge help. (And she made all those fabulous buttons for my favorite blogs!)

As for me, I just smile every time I look at the new design, because it gets me thinking and dreaming about gardening again.

Sure, it's 5 degrees outside.... I know. But before you know it, the weather will start warming up. And the fun part of being a gardener is that I get to start way before the ground is actually ready to plant.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll peruse seed catalogs with increasing frequency. As the weather warms (I'm thinking February thaw might be just about right) I'll get the urge to set up my own indoor seedling wonderland. It happens every year. Just wait.

Until that time comes, though, I can log in to my sunny, terrific blog every day and write about what matters to me.

I hope you like the new design. Give a shout in the comments to let me know what you think! (Or you can email Kim by clicking on the Mackeyplanet logo at the bottom of my page. Didn't she do a great job?)

- Midwest Mom


  1. Ahh...Tiptoe, through the tulips! I like the look! C'mon Spring!

  2. Thanks! Around here, it can't come soon enough!


  3. I like it. I can feel the warm sun and cool breeze already. After the little bit of snow we received, I'm not ready for Spring.

  4. I like it, they look good enough to um, cut and put on my table.

  5. I meant to leave a comment yesterday.. if you see your traffic thingy I stopped by :-). I love the new site, I'm happy to see more pictures and I love the spring theme to it. Great job Kim & Julia!

  6. Oh I forgot to mention my husband Bob scrolled through your blog the other day and loved the entry FARTS. "why don't you write more about farts?" Boys! But anyway I told him you didn't bite so if you see an entry from 'Bob' you know who it is lol.

  7. Beautiful design, Julia. I love all the great photos of your family.


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