Friday, February 20, 2009

Fit Mommy Friday: Find time for a Walk

Walking is some of the easiest, cheapest exercise a Mommy can do. Walking whenever you can is a great way to get fit and stay fit. It is fun exercise that is easy to tailor to your schedule.

To get yourself walking:

Find businesses within walking distance for some of your regular chores. Visits to the bank, small grocery trips, or shopping at the card shop or drug store can be done by foot. Try making your next visit to the doctor's office, post office, or church and opportunity for a stroll.

Modify your children's activity schedule to accommodate walking. We walk to dance class in good weather. We also walk the kids to soccer practice when we can.

Walk to school with your child. Later in the day, walk to school and pick them up.

Take an evening walk with your spouse and children, or by yourself. We visit a local playground together or go to the baseball field to play or watch evening games.

In bad weather, join the mall patrol. I did this when my daughter was small enough for the baby carrier. All the grandmas and grandpas would ooh and aah over her. They loved seeing her grow. Now that she's bigger, she will come with me and we walk together!

On regular errands, park far from the building and double your walking distance.

Walk to work. If you must drive, try parking a few blocks from your building. Walking a few blocks each day will add up over time.

When you have an appointment on a different floor (we do this at the doctor's), take the stairs.

When you go to the mall, park at the door farthest from the store where you're planning to shop. Walk to and from your car either inside (in bad weather) or outside the building. Most malls have a nice sidewalk that runs all the way around the building.

Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to appointments, especially if they are in a neighborhood that's good to walk in. Use that ten minutes for a stroll in the sunshine.

Walk to the playground. When you arrive, walk a lap around the perimeter of the park before playing. When it's time to leave, do it again before you go.

If your spouse is home to watch the children or if they're old enough to be home by themselves,wake up early for a morning walk with other moms on your street. We have a 'dawn patrol' that goes out for 20-25 minutes every weekday.

Think about the fact that there was actually a time before cars when people walked everywhere. Walking is great for the environment and your health. It's an easy green choice to make.

You can start small, but start today. It's easy to find time for a walk!

- Midwest Mom


  1. I absolutely agree. Walking has definitely done wonders for my husband and I. Great post.

  2. Awesome post :) love walking, just not in this snow and cold :) LOL

  3. Midwest Mom,
    Love the thought that went into this article. Walking is my exercise of choice and I've been walking for over 15 years. I need to think more about walking as a part of my daily routine rather than just for exercise. I hope it's OK, to quote you and this article on my blog? Thanks.

  4. I have an award for you

  5. You're right - walking is THE greatest exercise for body, mind and spirit and there is no excuse for not doing it. We got a treadmill last year and in the cold winter my dog and I both walk on it. We'd rather be outside...........the spring is coming, eventually!

  6. I adore walking--and it IS so much cheaper than other exercises!


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