Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Feature on TwitterMoms!

I was so surprised yesterday to get a message from Lea Curtes-Swenson, one of the featured bloggers at TwitterMoms -- the Influential Moms Network. She wanted to put Midwest Moms in the spotlight and write a profile of me as Twitter Mom of the Week.

The Twitter Mom Of The Week interview went a little something like this:

TMOTW: So, Julia, tell me a little about yourself so I can write this piece...

Julia: Well, I was born on a cloudy afternoon in 1971 in Northern Virginia. There was a gentle breeze blowing in from the Southeast and the scent of camellias filled the air....

[an hour later...]

TMOTW: -sigh- Yes, yes... how interesting. [rolls eyes] I'm amazed that you learned to walk at such a young age... You spoke 3 languages by age 5? Really??!?? [looks at watch and wonders how much of this she can actually use.]

Julia: Well, I don't like to brag... but... blah blah first place jump roper blah blah first to earn a crochet-a-potholder brownie badge blah blah blah...

TMOTW: [jolts awake] Have you done anything more... recent? What about your blog?

Julia: Oh, sure... I've written about Ants in my Pants and Lotion... You know -- important stuff all Moms need to know. I teach people how to make Mud Puppies or find buried treasure in their yard. blah blah very useful blah blah

[sounds of roosters crowing]

TMOTW: -yawn- Well, I guess that covers it. By the way... how long has it been since someone's asked you to talk about yourself?

Julia: Oh... about a hundred years. Why do you ask?

TMOTW: [snort-giggle] No reason.

Seriously, though. The Twitter Mom of the Week Profile was a real honor. In the few months since TwitterMoms began it has grown to over 8,000 members. After the welcome I have received, it's no wonder.

If you don't know much about TwitterMoms, here's the 411.

TwitterMoms -- the Influential Moms Network is an active social networking site that provides blog hosting and photo sharing for its members. It features a variety of Discussion groups that cater to diverse interests -- from Healthy Moms to Moms of Multiples to Work-At-Home-Moms [WAHM] and Stay-At-Home-Moms [SAHM]. Some groups are great for parenting tips -- like one I'm in called Raising a Reader. Others are just for fun, like the fan groups -- Grey's Anatomy Moms, Twilight Moms, even Martha Stewart Moms. TwitterMoms was founded in September 2008 by Megan Calhoun, the original influental mom. It is a supportive community of intelligent women that I feel proud to be a part of.

So, head on over. They're always looking for more smart and talented women (which, of course, if you're reading Midwest Moms, you must be!) Becoming a Member is easy, and it's a great way to meet other fantastic women in the Sisterhood of Moms.

- Midwest Mom


  1. As the TwitterMom who was lucky enough to interview you, I am definitely "snorting & giggling" -- but not because you went on about yourself. You did not! (You: "Did too!") Did not! You're just a smart and funny girl, and I was happy to profile you. :)

    Julia, best of luck with your blog, garden and everything you're doing. Keep in touch -- it was a pleasure to "meet" you!


  2. Tweet Tweet - what a fun read!


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