Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update: the Monkeys are Happy

I blogged a few weeks ago about redecorating our children's bedroom and the fact that we were going to let them paint it. I got several responses lauding our personal bravery for doing such a thing and many more requests for pictures.

Well, no one can say I ignore my readers, can they?

We had a wonderful time on painting day (rather, painting night).

Some of us painted like real professionals.

While others needed a little sisterly advice.

Some seemed like they were born for this work -- natural artists.

While others had to stretch their skills.

Some even got a mild scolding for being just a touch too messy.
(Couldn't see that one coming, could you?)

But in the end, the room was finished. We moved all the furniture back in, and got everyone settled back in their home again. Even the monkeys.

And when the Monkeys are Happy, we're all happy.

- Midwest Mom


  1. Great job :) Looks like they had a blast :)

  2. It looks fantastic. I love those colors. They seem like professionals. Are they for hire?

  3. It looks like they had a great time! Thanks for sharing these shots.

  4. that's so cute! I'm surprised they were able to handle such a big task so well!
    I tagged you on my blog.. go looky! :D

  5. What a blast! You are a fun and brave mom :)

    From another mid-west mom (in Michigan),

  6. Terrific colors! And happy monkeys all around:)

  7. The room looks beautiful! They did a great job. When my daughter was eight we had her help us paint the dining room. Kids have fun doing that and with a adult supervision you can have beautiful results just like you did. The photos are adorable!

  8. Great colors! Looks like a lot of fun!

  9. What fun to see this post and everyone chipping in to make this room look absolutely beautiful! I couldn't help but smile and giggle at the smiles on the faces... so much fun!

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