Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mom-Blogging Basics at BlogCatalog

Some of you may know I'm a frequent participant over at BlogCatalog. There is a great (and varied) core group of bloggers there from whom I have learned a lot.

psst... If you're not listed there already, you should be.

At any rate, the bigwigs at BlogCatalog recently asked me to write a piece about Mom-blogging for them. I was honored to do it. It was fun to sit back and reflect about why I write and how and what I've learned from writing Midwest Moms. If you're interested, head on over and let me know what you think. I love thoughtful comments.

Have a great four-day week!

- Midwest Mom


  1. Interesting. How do you mainly connect with people there; through the discussion boards or something else?

  2. Hey, Court. I use the discussion boards to meet other bloggers and to ask technical questions. It's a great way to find blogs to read that coincide with my other interests, like art & photography or politics or cooking.

    I use the directory feature to read other blogs in Mommy & Family. I can interact with their authors and add them to my favorites, essentially subscribing to feeds in a blogcatalog reader. That way, when I log in, I can see what other authors are posting and decide what I feel like reading.

    Over time, I've developed friendships with several bloggers there, and I use the shoutbox feature to ask them for feedback on posts or layout changes or to ask specific questions of bloggers I know are expert in a particular area.

    Does that answer your question? Hope so. :)

    Have a great day,
    - Julia


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