Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Midwest Garden: First Fruits

Attention, Parents! Herein lies the secret to your children eating their vegetables...

Have them grow their own.

This weekend marked our first garden harvest. What fun! I don't think I've seen Primo more proud than he was while eating lettuce and radishes grown from seeds he planted himself!

Lettuce is so easy to grow -- you can even sow the seeds in a flower box. Let your child water every day at first, then every other day. And when the seeds have sprouted and you need to thin the plants to let the lettuce grow healthy and large, serve your child a big plate of this:

Trust me, if your little one is anything like my oldest, he or she will eat like never before. When Grandma and Papa came by last night for supper, he even went into the garden to pick them one radish each. (And then stood by watching them eat and waiting for words of approval.)

On the way to school this morning, he said to me. "Thanks for teaching me to be a farmer, Mom. I think it's my talent!"

I thought, Maybe it is... maybe it really is.

- Midwest Mom

Looking for ways to get your child started helping in the garden? Check out Gardening with Kids: An Easy Guide at Midwest Parents. There's no better time than now to get gardening!


  1. How cool is that! Great idea. You farming teacher, you. :) It's also a lovely way of being in nature and learning to eat healthfully all at the same time!

  2. Awesome, and so true, kiddos eat so much more veggies and fruits when they help grow them :)

  3. Everyone benefits - great job there!

  4. SO true! We had a large garden when my first two kiddos were little and they would eat ANYTHING they found in the garden!

    Everything looks yummy!~


  5. You must have been very happy & anxious well its too interesting, enjoy.


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