Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girl Power

My 4-year-old daughter is starting to discover her -- er -- feminine powers.

The other day, as my husband and I got breakfast ready for the family, she strolled into the kitchen in her new 'rock star' pajamas.

"Mom, Wonder Woman has super-panties," she declared. "I like them."

Her dad had his back to us. I heard a snort and saw his shoulders start to shake as he fought to compose himself.

Playing along, I replied, "Well, honey, she walks around in her super-panties because she wants to embarrass the bad guys. As soon as they see her, they drop the loot to cover their eyes."

At that point, Dad regained control -- at least long enough to give us both a lesson in superhero powers. "Actually," directing a pointed look at me, "Wonder Woman has a magic lasso and bracelets that make bullets bounce off and an invisible plane." Then, with a smirk, "maybe her super-panties are powerful enough to make her plane disappear."

My daughter's look was deadpan.

"No, Dad."

There was a meaningful pause.

"She does that with her super-breasts."

- Midwest Mom


  1. Oh NO! That is hilarious. Let's hear it for the Super Breasts! (And how appropriate for October!)

  2. Aren't ALL breasts super, though, when you get right down to it? Maybe it's just a question of finding the right bra if you want all the special powers.

    [P.S. My word verification is "throng"... seeing the way they've painted on the bottoms of her super-suit, it's just so close to being insanely appropriate.]

  3. That is HILARIOUS! Conversations like that jewel make me think chancing for a 2nd in hopes of a girl just might be worth it.


  4. Green Girl -- I never thought of that. Maybe she should be wearing pink.

    Dan -- Ah, right you are, my friend. We've all got a little wonder woman in us. You're jealous, I know. [And I take no responsibility for the word verification...]

    Abby -- Now that IS a superpower! That one conversation could bring the mom of a toddler to even *think* of conceiving again is nothing short of miraculous. :D (For your sake, I will make no super-panty jokes.)

    - Julia

  5. I think she is onto something that one! Such a funny story, thanks for sharing!

    PS- Enjoying the fall color scheme here too!

  6. LOL! How I wish I had written down all the hysterical things my kids came up with when they were little the way you are writing this blog! I'll just hafta adopt yours! :)

  7. Thanks, Laurie. I needed a change for fall.

    And Suzen, Wonder Woman's superpowers are for us all. So, feel free to co-opt as you see fit. ;D

    - Julia

  8. LOL kiddos are awesome :)

  9. Oh, that's great! Yes, indeedy-- I recall thinking much that way when I was that age, over my hero Wonder Woman.

    I guess some things really DON'T change, do they? :)


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