Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Facebook = Time-Waster of the Week


So, here's the thing.

I originally went on Facebook to share photos and get in touch with family and friends.

But lately?

I'm just wasting time.


I'm farming...

And running a cafe...

It's ridiculous, really. Such a poor use of my time. After all, I could be gardening with real dirt instead of virtual gardening... or cooking in my own kitchen instead of some virtual kitchen.

But, see the thing is, on my virtual farm, nothing smells and no dirt gets under my fingernails. And in my virtual kitchen the dirty dishes mysteriously disappear (...along with hours of my time.)

Not so in reality.

In reality-ville, I have to worry about frost and bugs and weeding my garden. And I have to plan dinner every night, wondering whether my kids are going to turn their noses up or compliment the food.

So, maybe my time wasters are really just little fantasies. But now I have to worry about what kind of fantasies I'm having...

[Fantasy farming?!? Seriously?!??]

Man... This Midwest Mom needs to get a life.

- Midwest Mom


  1. That's why I've just never been a Facebook girl. Blogging manages to "eat" enough of my time. ;-)

  2. I love Farmville. It never rains and nothing ever bad happens.

  3. Yes, Fantasy Farming, how crazy is that! I do it too and someday I'll stop, but first, I'm gonna make you my neighbor - haha!!!

  4. This is why I don't "farm" or "cook" or any of the other time-wasters on FB, only to keep up with family or friends who've forgotten how to email or use a phone!

  5. Mom24 -- I love facebook for keeping in touch with far-away family... it's only recently that I've allowed it to magically dissipate my time.

    Laura -- True, true. And with the amount of rain WE'VE had, maybe the fantasy is worth it!

    NannyGoats In Panties - (Can't type that without a laugh) Nooooo! Not Neighbors!

    Ack! [runs off to check if nanny goat is now a neighbor]

    JamaGenie -- Yeah, pretty sad when email and the phone are like using ancient technology. I thought we were all "I want it now" in the 90's! But that's nothing like the immediacy of facebook and twitter.

    - Julia

  6. I too am addicted to fb.. I upload pictures (which look the same as the pictures everyone else uploads), have contacted nearly my whole high school, and went to a stint of playing sorority life and mob wars... glad I am not the only time waster out there!

  7. oh and have debated "to friend or not to friend our babysitter" .. like it matters or not ;)

  8. Facebook is SO dangerous for me! I can get lost in there for hours.

  9. Oooo I love Farmville too..Are we neighbors? I have tried a couple other games, but found I can only manage the one *sigh*

  10. I've heard of are cattle prices anyway these days? Hahaha. seriously, I cannot judge you when I let zombies eat my brains 5 times last weekend.

  11. LOL, Green Girl.

    Next time I login to facebook, I'm sure I'll be hearing "brains.. BRAINS!"

    And then I'll become a farmville zombie.

    ;D - Julia

  12. My husband is addicted to Farmville. He even signed me up so he could have me as a neighbor. Now I'm getting requests left and right and not responding. People think I'm ignoring them.

  13. I sometimes dream that Facebook gets deleted and we can all go outside again.

  14. Uh, oh. Do we need to plan an intervention?

  15. I haven't been sucked into this time waster yet. It will happen, don't get me wrong but so far blogging takes up any free time I might have, that and solitaire. I need a life too.


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