Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Drama normal?

I was talking with a friend on the phone the other day, and her daughter had a "meltdown moment" while we were talking on the phone.

We've all been there. She handled it, but remained on the phone. We laughed and talked about raising girls and all the residual guilt. After all, we MUST have done that to our mothers at one point or another, right?

And why is it that ALL children gravitate to their moms in extreme need the moment we have a telephone in our hand?? I routinely say to my own, "What am I holding by my ear?!? Is this a banana?" They laugh and say, "No." Two minutes later, there is another life-altering emergency (i.e. I can't find my sock! She said a potty talk word! Read me this book!)

I shouldn't complain... there are worse things than being interrupted on the phone...

Which brings me back to my friend. After a prolonged telephone freakout by her daughter (age 4) -- by prolonged, I mean about three minutes of crescendo -- we both realized there must be something wrong. After the removal of a shoe, and the removal of the phone from my ear -- wow! that girl can yell! -- an inch-long splinter wedged under her toenail turned out to be the culprit. Can you say, "OUCH?!?" Needless to say, we got off the phone, and she got that little girl to the doctor!

But something funny happened later that night. My friend called me back. And through table-setting and dinner preparation, we shared our deep maternal guilt. I assured her, "YOU ARE A GOOD MOM." Words she needed to hear.

I hung up the phone, and realized this episode left me with a question that needs answering... When you're raising children (particularly daughters) ...


And where is the border between normal and outrageous (i.e. impending disaster) drama?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts,

Midwest Mom

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