Monday, June 2, 2008

Deep Breath -- say AHHHH...

Okay, okay... so maybe after my last post, I am the one who seems like she needs a time-out.

There's nothing like a good dose of reality to bring you back from the brink when you're angry. Two things happened today to make me re-think my words.

One: The Clinton camp began to signal that they will end their campaign on Tuesday. [see the link for MSNBC First Read on the right for the latest] There is even talk that some of the superdelegates will get off the fence. Hallelujah. The rest of us have been expected to knuckle down and vote already -- they should too.

Two: My middle child has been sick with a virus all day. Fever of 103 and associated ejector-stomach. It's a new term I'm coining. Maybe someday it'll make it into the medical literature. There's something about a child in such misery that gives you a chance to remember what is important. I just wanted him to feel better, and tonight it seems he finally does.

And so, regarding Hillary Clinton, I still wonder whether to trust her that she will exit gracefully and do as she has promised: tirelessly support the nominee. But, I also realize that as a Mom, there are times when all the big news in the world seems to fall away. When your child is sick, none of that is important anymore.

Life brings you perspective when you least expect it.

Here's to that,

Midwest Mom

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