Monday, June 2, 2008

Hillary in a Corner

Does anyone get the feeling that Hillary Clinton and her angry supporters just need a "time out"?

If she were my child, I would have taught her something about grace. I think losing gracefully is the hardest thing to convey to my own children. This is what I tell them in those "teachable moments".

- No one says you have to like to lose. It's not something to enjoy.

- Everyone loses now and then. So, being graceful when you lose is a skill you will need and use.

- The key to being a graceful loser is to acknowledge the loss and to congratulate the winner.

So, did Sen. Clinton not have parents who taught her about grace and sportsmanship? Or has she just "fallen in" with a bad crowd (i.e. Bill and James Carville)? After hearing Harold Ickes at the close of the DNC rules committee meeting Saturday, I came to the understanding that she and her camp do not intend to exit quietly. If they do, you could knock me over with a feather.

One thing is certain: the way Hillary Clinton has run her campaign, with the lies she told about Bosnia in Pennsylvania, the "shame on you" in Ohio, pretending she is a proponent of Native American rights in South Dakota, race-baiting in South Carolina, and gas tax pandering in Indiana, she sends the message that her campaign is mostly about her. When she says, "I'll never stop fighting for you." I hear, "I'll never stop fighting for ME."

Now we have the rules committee showdown where the other candidate and his representatives decided to forgo a 50-50 division of Michigan delegates, even though they had the votes. An equitable solution was forged in which Clinton got the majority of the delegates from that contest. Even though many of her supporters on the committee voted for the compromise, she unleashed an attack dog at the end.

To Senator Clinton, I have this to say. I am a mother raising children, and I hope they never act the way you have in this campaign. I am an independent "swing" voter, and you will never get my vote. I am a woman, and I am sorely disappointed that you are the sole representative of my gender on the national political stage.

Now, stop your kicking and screaming. Tell your friends to go home. Because you are going in the corner, young lady. It's time for a little time-out!

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