Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to beat high gas prices.

$3.99 a gallon!

I just filled up my car, and it cost upwards of 50 dollars! This is unbelievable.

I know this is a big step, but I think I am going to stop using my car. My kids are off school starting Wednesday, and I am going to see how long I can keep my car just parked and run errands by bicycle.

Did I just say that? I guess I did.

My boys are old enough to ride safely. We take family bike rides. I have a trailer for the littlest one, and the trailer will fit groceries if we need it to...

So, there it is. Please hold me accountable. I'll keep a running tab of how long it takes for me to knuckle under and use my car.

Wish me luck,

Midwest Mom

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