Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going back on my word... Politics again

I know I stated yesterday that I wasn't going to list politics articles on this blog as much...

But John McCain's statement about when the troops will come home being "not too important" (the casualty number being more important, of course) was too much for me. What concerns me is his idea that it is totally appropriate to keep troops in Iraq as long as they have been in post-war Germany (6o years and counting) or South Korea (50+)...

To read more on this topic, have a look at "Not Too Important" on

Please comment. Hearing other people's point of view is really helpful for me in formulating my own opinions. As we go down the road toward the November election, the conversation, especially among other people with families, will help make for a clearer choice.


Midwest Mom


  1. i still don't like having our troops in iraq for the next 50-100 years even if there were no casualities. just because we did it in germany and south korea doesn't mean its ok to do it in iraq. stationing our troops overseas means more tax dollars spent on another country. i'm just really tired of our country meddling with other people's affairs.

  2. I have to agree with you. That was a main point of the "Not Too Important" article I wrote. Our budget is so far out of balance, it is ridiculous.

    I couldn't run my home this way. If I did, I'd be dealing with FOECLOSURE!

  3. Sorry... FORECLOSURE!

    (it takes some of the rhetorical punch out when you mis-spell the most important word in the sentence... how embarrassing!)


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