Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bargain Valentine Dos and Don'ts

Let's face it; most of us aren't spending a lot these days. That can be a problem when it comes to "conscious splurge" holidays like Valentine's Day.

"Romance on a Budget" might not be in your comfort zone. Heck, you may never have even put those words together in the same sentence. (For instance, most husbands might avoid the first word in favor of the second... and most paperback novels feature a man who thinks only of sweeping a girl off her feet, never worrying about the bill.)

Life just isn't fair. But I digress... Instead of grumbling, it seems like a good time for

Bargain Valentine Dos and Don'ts!

To save money and have a romantic Valentine's Day,

DO spend time cooking some heart-and-soul-warming comfort food together instead of going out to an expensive restaurant.

DON'T order in two dozen buffalo wings because what could be hotter than hot sauce on your partner's face? (The breath is an added bonus.)

DO go to an auction together to buy your spouse something beautiful without breaking the bank.

DON'T bemoan the prices at the jewelry store and use them as an excuse to get her nothing at all.

DO take a long, quiet walk together at a local park, followed by warm cocoa at the coffee shop just like you did when you were dating.

DON'T suggest a walk, but bring along the kids and make the playground your destination. (Trust me, ask Grandma to watch the kids for an hour. She will say yes.)

DO bring your wife an inexpensive bottle of wine and a single red rose.

DON'T buy flowers because you feel you have to, spend too much, and then "confess" the price to your wife as you apologize for the fact that the flowers are wilting on the first day.

DO write a note telling your spouse how much you appreciate what they do for you each and every day. Let your partner know one thing that happened in the past year that proves you are perfectly matched.

DON'T write your message in one of those cards with a bikini girl inside or a picture of a chimp. No matter what you write or how cheap the card was, the romance value is zero.

DO assemble photos of your spouse from high school or college, from when you were dating and first married, from when you first had children, from that last romantic vacation, from today, and let your spouse know that he or she has only grown more and more beautiful as time has gone by.

DON'T look at a beautiful woman or handsome man that walks by and say, "I remember when you looked that good." It's not the same thing. Trust me.

DO turn out the lights, light the fireplace and candles, and talk about the day you first met. Laugh together and remember why you are together.

DON'T turn out the lights, roll over, and start to snore.

I hope you and your special someone have a wonderfully romantic Valentine's day.

And if it doesn't turn out like a paperback novel, at least have a good laugh about it -- it's a great coping mechanism. Right?

- Midwest Mom


  1. This is hilarious. I'm thinking I should send it out to every guy I know b/c these are things I think guys just don't understand. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. LOL.. Great suggestions :). Hope you all have a great Happy Valentines Day. We are definitely going to make it a family day.

  3. Haha the don'ts gave me a good laugh. Good advice!

  4. VERY cute! Thanks for the giggles - wish someone would put this on the nightly news!

  5. Great suggestions--maybe I should print this out and display it on the fridge....


  6. Sorry about this morning, it appears the server on my site was down :(

    And awesome post...LOL I should send this to my Hubby ;)

  7. all swell advice! We don't celebrate at all, which is fine by me, but if we did, I'd "do" it your way for certain!

  8. Great post Thanks for the smile.
    We made paper flowers to bring to the hospital visits tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

  9. Great ideas and a good laugh to boot!

  10. You made me smile with these!


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