Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Means Letting Go

Ahhh... Today was report card day, and now the school is quiet.

We had a terrific time with teachers and classmates. We brought bubbles to the kindergarten class and pinwheels to the 2nd grade. It was fun to see even the older kids get a kick out of something so simple. We brought cards to teachers and cherry pies as special thank you gifts. (We baked them last night!)

And when all was said and done, we left the school with smiles on our faces. (I think the teachers were smiling too.)

I was talking with another parent on our way out of school. She rolled her eyes when talking about her family's schedule -- they juggle dance lessons and two sports on opposite sides of town during the summer. She seemed stressed about it, but happy that at least her mornings would be free now.

The conversation made me feel so grateful that we've taken a season off from sports. This summer there is no baseball, and after next week there will be no dance class. We're not signing the kids up for sports camps or College for Kids or anything like that.

They just get to be kids. And I just get to be Mom.


It was a relief to drive home and know that the only thing we have to worry about is whether the weather will be nice enough to go to the pool. Summer is freedom from the schedule, so the kids will sleep when they're tired and eat when they're hungry.

They're all sitting behind me right now, working at the art table -- taking time to be quietly creative. Why? It's just what they want to do.

They're letting go of the busy feeling. To me, that's what Summertime is all about.

- Midwest Mom


  1. We've cut way back on activities this summer too. My kids have VBS next week, two weeks of swim lessons, and my youngest is taking a 4 day, 1/2 day, day camp. That's it. Other than that we will have a family vacation. There's nothing else on the schedule except 'hanging out and having fun'. I'm very much looking forward to summer.

    Of course, my oldest daughter will have marching band commitments off and on all summer long, and she will have her job that will dictate our schedule a bit. *sigh* It sounded good. :-)

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful relaxing summer!

  3. One of the most loving things a mom can do is let her kids enjoy being kids on their summer vacation! Summers filled with endless to-do lists and spendy camps are highly overrated. Our most enjoyable summers featured fort-making, sleepovers, running through sprinklers, pb&j sandwiches and koolaid stands! Enjoy!


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