Thursday, September 17, 2009

If I had more time...

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. ~Socrates

Goodness! Our lives are so busy lately!

Between school and sports and taking care of the family, I don't feel like I have a moment to spare. Even after a big meeting or presentation or the completion of a big event, I don't have that sense of relief I'm used to. You know, the 'whew! Glad that's done!' sense of satisfaction that comes with a side order of 'now I can sit back and relax awhile.'

So, I've been thinking about what I would do with a little relaxation time.... if I had any. This is what I've come up with:

1. Exercise - I miss the days when I used to make time for exercise a few days a week. It was wonderful to have a little time that was my own -- time for self-care. When I was exercising, I felt healthier, stronger, sexier. I miss it.

2. Cultivate friendships - Mothers of toddlers are so good at fostering friendships, eager to cling to any passerby for a snatch of adult conversation. Now that my kids are in school, I find that my old girlfriends (and even family members) have scattered because of our very busy schedules. So, I'm wishing I had the time to tend my friendships better, to feel closer to the people I care about.

3. Read - At one time in my life, I was a voracious reader. I can still get caught up in a book, when I make time for it. Recently, in an effort to renew my library reading list, I started a discussion on BlogCatalog about Favorite Classic Novels. The lists that other bloggers contributed helped me to remember the wonderful wealth of literature I haven't been making the time to experience. If I had time, I would definitely use it to read.

4. Get Outdoors - It is sad to say that I have not camped once this year. And I miss it terribly. Now that fall is upon us, I know I only have a limited time to get outside and enjoy hiking and camping before a) I am in danger of being shot by a deer hunter, or b) I freeze my bejeebers off. So if and when I have make time, I'm definitely going to spend it outdoors.

5. Go to a High School Football Game - You might know that I am a crazy sports nut. But I have yet to go to a High School Football Game in my current town. How is that possible? - I ask myself. I have no idea. We are family friends with the coach's family. And I love football. I just need to make the time to get out there and go to a game. It's something I would love to share with my sons.

6. Rest - There is nothing so wonderful as an occasional rest. Being free from the demands of a busy life helps me to think deeper thoughts and to appreciate my family and the world around me. I smile more naturally and laugh more heartily. I find adventures. I wonder about things. A rested me is a healthier me and a happier me. So, soon I will make time again for rest.

In a week, my children will be home from school for their 3-week Fall break. It's amazing to think that I'm looking forward to that time as a release from feeling busy. But maybe it's not the number of things I'm doing, but the rigid time pressure of it all that has me bothered. I am looking forward to the lack of alarm clocks and the ability to play outside after dinner. I can't wait to acquiesce when my children ask for one more story at bedtime. We will eat when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired.

It will be a second summer, but chillier and more colorful.

When Fall vacation comes, I will finally have and make the time to do these things I'm wishing for.

Quite honestly, it can't come soon enough.

- Midwest Mom


  1. These are great suggestions. You know, we also haven't gone to a high school football game in our town either but now I am adding it to the planner because I think that it is a great idea! Enjoy the fall vacation!

  2. Thanks, Laurie. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to get out there and enjoy life a little! I'm so excited for vacation because I know I'll be able to breathe a little. These days, the schedule is just *packed*!

    - Julia

  3. boy, can i relate to this list! i have gone to a high school football game and keeping up with the exercise. but reading? haven't read anything but dr. seuss in 5 years. one day....

  4. I'm telling you, my life when my kids were your kids ages was the same darn thing. I was so busy, so exhausted - I look back and wonder how in the world I did it all! I was constantly trying to squeeze time in for me. A friend (older) told me to make appts. with myself in a datebook. I did. It worked. Sometimes I would have to reschedule myself, but those few hours a week really helped!

  5. Ah, balance--that elusive balance. I hope you get to enjoy all of these things.

  6. Kids get a three-week fall break up in northern Maine for the potato harvest-- is your break for harvest also?

    I wish we had that here, though I'm sure it's for the best that we don't. I spend my whole life fighting the unmerciful taskmaster that is the clock, anyway, and it's a losing battle.

    I think you have things a bit more together, though, and are better able to use the opportunity as a vacation from a much more structured life than I'm able to cobble together. Enjoy the time!


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