Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Midwest Fall Breathes its Last

The wind has picked up, the last breath of Fall sending leaves showering down and skittering along the pavement.

They lay piled thickly on rooftops and on the abandoned truck across the street. They clog gutters and gather at bases of bushes and trees. Eerily, they hang among the wispy remnants of Halloween cobweb.

Under the crisp blue sky, the whine of leaf blowers rings through the air, making the gentle rustle of our old-fashioned rakes sound more like a whisper than work. We are being shushed.

I laugh as the kids swing high and leap into space, plummeting into an enormous pile of crackling brown. They giggle as they crawl among the ladybugs, leaves stuck in hair and hoods and caught in fleece.

We tidy up after nature's clutter, cutting back summer's bounteous growth, now simultaneously overgrown and skeletal. Bringing order to chaos is a satisfying venture.

The birds are gone. And I feel the need to fill a feeder for the few stragglers who remain. The outdoors is muffled and smells of mold and dampness. There are no bees, only worms thriving on decay.

We witness as the colors of Autumn become the shivering nakedness of winter.

- Midwest Mom


  1. Beautiful.

    You're a few weeks ahead of us.

    I'm feeling a little melancholy about how quickly fall is slipping away.

  2. I love fall, but I'm not so crazy about what comes next. Brr ...

  3. WHEW, that's some transition!
    I'm giving you an award today...

  4. That tree is gorgeous! We still have some foliage here, but it's slipping away's hoping for a short and easy winter!

  5. Your tree is absolutely beautiful! Very stunning.

  6. Thanks, everyone. This is the view across the street from our front porch. The first photo and the second were taken about 4 days apart from one another.

    You're right -- the difference is so striking!


    (I think I need a sweater.) :)

    - Julia

  7. Hello,

    What striking before and after photos. The vibrant fall color was so gorgeous!


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