Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over the Top

(and I don't just mean the Stallone Movie...)


Look what my friend Green Girl in Wisconsin gave me (that lovable galoshes-wearing gardener!) I'm so grateful to have her as a friend and to read her writing. She brings out my inner Cheese-head. :)

Now, it's time to pass along the fun. Here are the rules:

1.) Thank and post URL to the blog that gave the award. (Check!)

2.) Pass the award along to 6 brilliantly over the top blogs. Alert them so they know to receive the award. (Check!)

I'll pass this along to some of my favorites:

Me-Me at The Screaming Me-Me! Whose writing never fails to make me laugh. [MadMadMargo on Twitter]

Rayne at Rayne of Terror, who -- like me -- loves to garden. [devivo on Twitter]

Leighann at Multi-Minding Mom, the greenest of my greenie girlfriends and a terrific blogger. [LeighannMMM on Twitter]

Stacey (Mom24) at 4everMom, a fantastically frugal meal-planning mom, whose life is so full, it's hard to keep up! [Mom24 on BlogCatalog]

Lesley at My Turn to Talk, a new friend I'm so glad to have. [Latest post, which I love, Blink.]


Susan at Erasing the Bored, a talented writer with a positive perspective on life. [Another latest post I love, Do Be a Do-Be]

3.) Copy and paste this quiz… Change the answers and use ONE word (whenever possible). (Check!)

1-Your cell phone? Mythical (I don't have one.)
2- Your hair? Shiny (Gotta love Fall!)
3-Your mother? Graceful
4-Your father? Protective
5-Your favorite food? Tomatoes
6-Your favorite drink? Baileys
7-Your dream last night? Bizarre
8-Your dream/goal? Balance
9-What room are you in? Den
10-Your hobby? Writing
11-Your fear? Loss of a Child (sorry, not one word)
12-Where do you want to be in 6 years? Michigan
13-Where were you last night? Home
14-Something that you aren’t? Tall
15-Muffin? Pumpkin
16-Wish list item? Laptop
17-Where did you grow up? Suburbs
18-Last thing you did? Brewed (chai black tea -- yum)
19-What are you wearing? Bare Feet
20-Your TV? On (sickies are watching Max & Ruby)
21-Your pets? Spotted (my kids have adopted every ladybug they see)
22-Friends? Dear
23- Your life? Full
24-Your mood? Content
25-Missing someone? Mom
26-Vehicle? 1995 Eagle Vision (I know you're jealous. It's a classic.)
27-Something you aren’t wearing? Make-up
28-Your favorite store? TJ Maxx
29-Favorite color? Yellow
30-When was the last time you laughed? 7:20 a.m.
31-Last time you cried? Yesterday
32-Your best friend? Joe
33-One place you go to over and over? My Garden
34-One person who emails you regularly? Melissa
35-Favorite place to eat? Home

Many thanks to all the wonderful friends I've met here and on BlogCatalog and Twitter. You are truly amazing women and my life is fuller for knowing you.

- Midwest Mom


  1. Thank you. You're too kind. Made my day though. :-)

  2. Julia, Thank you for including me in your list of favorite blogs - I will add this award to my blog with pride.

  3. Thank you so much!! I'm happy to know you too. It's amazing how many new friendships I have enjoyed through blogging. I never expected that.

  4. Hi You Sweetie! Thank you for this ultimate compliment! Like Lesley, it's been a fabulous experience making friends thru blogging because I never expected this bonus side of it!

    I sent you an email a while ago that I'm thinking you didn't get? It was regarding your writing for Blog Catalog. The link thru your profile to supposedly email is what I used. Could you send me an email to so I can re-send it? Thanks!

  5. You deserve this award.
    Lady bugs? Really? I've trained my kids to view the buggers as the enemy.


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